Change Management


Operators around Australia are already benefiting from Sentinel and Electronic Work Diaries. How do you then get drivers on board?

Getting driver buy-in of technology can be difficult. With the ageing population of drivers, technology can be daunting. This means an introduction to an EWD must be carefully planned to ensure a successful introduction into a solution that provides measurable benefits.

There are a number of techniques to implement that can help but differ between operations. Here are a few:

Induction Programs

Induction Program

An induction program should be conducted. It's an effective and communal approach to introducing new processes. Some items that can be covered include:

  • When the EWD is to be installed and when they can be used
  • How an EWD works and the benefits to the driver and to the back-office
Training and Coaching

Training & Coaching

Training programs are of extreme importance. They’ll help introduce the EWD and its benefits in a simple and effective manner. An initial training program upon commencement should be employed to coach drivers and staff on how to use the product. Note that depending on the solution, drivers and staff should mostly be trained separately as the function and application completed is quite different. Ongoing training programs should then be completed every few months to those that want a refresher on how to best utilise the solution.

Open Door Policy

Open Door Policy

A good policy for managers, supervisors and team leaders to introduce, if not already, is an open door. Drivers and staff may feel out of their depth or uncomfortable to raise questions in a group environment. This provides a comfortable place for them to come in and ask the questions they feel they cannot in front of their peers. Management should take a positive approach to this and should not, in any circumstance, be-little the employee.

Incentive Programs

Incentive Programs

Rewarding positive behaviour is a great way to get drivers and staff to feel good about using any solution. EWDs allow you to run reports that can output driver work and rest hours against rule sets along with the abiliy to monitor violations. What this means is management can then utilise this information in a positive way by providing an incentive for drivers to best use the EWD. Your roster of drivers will want to best use the EWD and feel positive about the technology.


In-vehicle technology is the modern and influential force to empower drivers to manage their own compliance efforts. Everyone in the transport chain is responsible for his or her obligations to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR).