How does an Electronic Work Diary work?


Electronic Work Diaries can appear difficult to comprehend, but it's not so. There are a few important steps to consider for a successful implementation of a fatigue management system in any given operation.

The following diagram sets out how it works, and it's nowhere near as difficult as you might think.

So what does this mean?

The following outlines how EWDs work to deliver operators
with a means to battle fatigue.

Electronic Work Diary, EWD

It is as simple as the driver pressing a button to start and stop work or rest directly on the iFace, a 7" in-vehicle touchscreen device. Sentinel does the rest. The iFace will check fatigue, no matter where the driver is. He or she will have the latest fatigue information.

Paper work Diary, work diary, fatigue, EWD

The data, in real-time, is sent to Teletrac Navman's secure processing servers where the information is calculated against fatigue rules. The information is readily available for immediate view for the back-office through NextGen. Data captured outside of communications range is synchronised to ensure both the iFace & NextGen are up-to-date and in unison.

What is an EWD

The data is processed into information immediately and delivered back to the back-office. The driver will get a live view of their work status whilst back-office staff gain insight into fatigue information, advanced alerting, reports with visual aids and historic feedback.

Offline mode

Offline mode with Sentinel

Sentinel on the iFace has an offline mode. This means that when the driver is travelling a long distance and will be outside of cellular network range, the iFace and Sentinel will continue to calculate fatigue information against the driver's assigned rule set. The driver will always know their work and rest hours, allowing them to be proactive with their fatigue management.


EWDs allow drivers to simply and easily enter their fatigue information into their paper work diary. Sentinel gives a full fatigue breakdown with location and time values for each fatigue update. Take the guess work out of fatigue, become EWD ready and allow your drivers to manage their own fatigue.


Sentinel is Teletrac Navman's premier Electronic Work Diary. Sentinel has become a staple in many companies with some of Australia's most progressive and forward thinking operators utilising the fatigue management platform. Find out exactly what Sentinel is and how it can benefit your operation.

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