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Sentinel is a tried and proven Electronic Work Diary (EWD) utilised by some of Australia's leading and most progressive transport and logistics operators. It ensures a transport operator and its drivers are in the position to comply with all fatigue laws and rule sets implemented across Australia.


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Did you know?

Drivers who have been awake for 24 hours will have a driving performance similar to a person who has a BAC of 0.1 g/100ml. They are seven times more likely to have an accident.

Source: TAC – Road Safety Statistic, Summary, Fatigue Statistics,


Sentinel for the back-office

Sentinel provides information in real-time, to both the driver in the vehicle and the staff in the back-office. But what does this real-time mean? It means that you and your administrative staff are able to keep an eye on each of your driver's fatigue information. Alerts can be set up to warn when drivers are going to violate their rule sets, allowing for proactive management of fatigue.


With historical tracking and detailed reports, allowing you to create driver rosters calculated from real-time driver fatigue information and associated rule sets.

Sentinel 4

Fresh new look that is fully integrated into NextGen's modern architecture.

Sentinel 4

Access Sentinel from anywhere with an internet connection such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Sentinel 4

Easier to set up notifications across the company or fleet; each user can control their own alerts.

Sentinel 4

Clearer and more informative driver event timeline for back-office staff to view fatigue information.

Sentinel 4

View and print each driver’s fatigue information like it appears in a driver's log book. This can help compare fatigue information between Sentinel and paper work diaries.

Sentinel 4

Built-in log book checker to help track back-office audits of a driver's log book.

Sentinel 4

A printable view of the driver management screen for the selected time period.

Sentinel 4

Drivers can log on to Sentinel Kiosk to see their work history, viewable in a paper work diary format and see past and predicted fatigue violations.

Sentinel 4

Detailed reporting that breaks data into easy-to-read visual formatting.

Sentinel 4

Ability to schedule reports straight to your email.


Sentinel for the driver


It can be difficult for a driver to manage their paper work diary in the midst of the stresses of driving. Calculating their remaining times or even just the basics of when to take rest breaks isn’t as simple as working a 9-5 job. Fatigue rules and their interpretations from state-to-state are complex.

Sentinel on the iFace is a driver's tool. Drivers are presented with a simple, informative and real-time view of their fatigue status information allowing them to effectively manage their own fatigue.


Sentinel provides advanced audio and visual alerts of when the next rest break is required, by logging driver start, stop and rest times.


Rest breaks are based on event history and calculated against fatigue rule sets – all in real-time rather than after the fact.

Sentinel 4

Driver fatigue is calculated even when out of communications range; it is synchronised with the back-office when the driver is back in cellular coverage.

Sentinel 4

The driver is able to see fatigue management information even when out of the Telstra network.

Sentinel 4

All rest-break information and notifications are always up-to-date, all of the time.

Sentinel 4

Drivers have more information about their fatigue management rules such as night/long hours, 24 hour rest breaks and night rests.

Sentinel 4

Colour-coded backgrounds to help the driver distinguish between work or rest as well as when he or she is in violations.


Sentinel is a tried and proven EWD utilised in progressive transport operations around Australia. Developed over 9 years ago, Teletrac Navman designed a solution that allowed operators to manage fatigue in the simplest and most non-obtrusive method.


The iFace, a 7” in-vehicle device, calculates fatigue information in real-time. The driver can continue to use Sentinel for days and weeks at a time to manage their fatigue whilst operating in remote areas with low or no network connectivity.


A work diary view is available to all to view each driver's fatigue information as it would appear in their log book along with the added ability for staff to compare and audit.


Sentinel is a tool that can help provide peace of mind when keeping up-to-date with Australia's complex fatigue laws. Sentinel does it all for you, your staff and your drivers - no more spending hours pouring over old log books to calculate whether a driver's work and rest hours are within regulations.


Sentinel currently has thousands of users Australia wide including some of Australia's leading and progressive transport operations; you can rest easy knowing Sentinel will take care of your fatigue compliance issues.


The benefits that Sentinel provides are measurable and real. Real information, allowing operators to proactively manage fatigue.
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Key Features and Benefits of Sentinel

Key Benefits

Makes fatigue management easy to understand.

Shifts the focus from regulating hours to managing fatigue.

Gives transport operators assurance of compliance with fatigue management regulations.

Enables immediate proactive response to fatigue management violations.

Insight into the violations that could occur if no action was taken.

Builds the culture of responsible fatigue management across the operation.

Reduce administration costs by automatically capturing and calculating events.

Gives drivers and staff alerts for upcoming potential violations.

Empowers drivers to manage their fatigue, allowing compliance managers to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Key Features

Sends real-time alerts for fatigue management violations prior to or as they occur to back-office staff and/or managers.

Allows for warnings to be sent to drivers prior to violations occurring.

Provides comprehensive reporting over any defined time period.

Real-time view of any driver's current and past history of fatigue information.

Implements the full set of drive/work/rest rules as specified for each state and territory's rule sets in Australia.

Rules-based engine can support unique company rules for drivers.

Access to fatigue information from a smartphone, tablet or anywhere with an Internet connection.

Fatigue information available around the clock.